It all started in the run up to Christmas 2016

I’d been experimenting with various crafts so I could discover what I wanted to give as Christmas presents for that year. All of them went wrong…all of them! Throughout all those errors I decided to experiment with the elements that went right and through a bizarre merge I discovered this fun technique to create art work on cushion covers. The Christmas presents had been decided. Then something unusual happened, I missed making the cushion covers. I had absolutely fallen in love with this craft, and for the first time ever I had the confidence to put myself and my creations out there.

This wasn’t my only motivation, my family was a massive part in giving me this confidence! In October 2015 my second child was born, a beautiful little boy, and he was born with an upper limb difference. Even though we have always been accepting of his difference, knowing that lack of a hand doesn’t mean lack of ability, knowing that he will be able to what ever he puts his mind to (and trust me he has, and continues to show us that daily!), we found amazing support in a great charity and community of people, Reach. They have helped us to meet other people with upper limb differences, and discover in such a joyous way how we can all live life without limits. We want to support them too, and that is why 10% of the profits from all the products go to Reach, so that more families may continue knowing the amazing work that they do.

Handmade Just Wright was created early 2017, with the idea that I wanted to make special gifts for people to treasure. Initially only cushion covers, it has grown to a lovely product range, and I will also take on special commissions, so please do speak to me if there’s something you’d like me to make but you can’t see it on my product list. I currently work part-time, and for this reason some products may have a two week turn around period from order to arrival, but I will always do my best to keep in contact with you so you are aware of what’s going on at each stage.

Thank you for visiting and supporting Handmade Just Wright, why not keep in touch with what’s going on at Handmade Just Wright HQ via Facebook or Instagram.

Lindsay Wright